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Determining Your Health Insurance Benefits


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Insurance Verification

As a courtesy to our patients and their families, we are able to conduct a determination of a patient's health insurance benefits.  This way, patients can get a good understanding of the scope of their coverage and what costs they may be expected to pay (e.g., deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, etc.).

In addition, some health insurance companies require Pre-Certification and/or Prior Authorization before healthcare services will be covered by their plans.  Therefore, we contact those health insurance companies to make sure that your care will be covered to the greatest extent of the benefits of your plan.

Oftentimes, a patient's coverage may be provided through a family member (spouse, parent, etc.).  In those cases, we need to have the health insurance information for both the covered member and the patient.

Please find below some of the information we will need from you to perform an Insurance Verification, Pre-Certification, and Prior Authorization.  This information is typically listed on your health insurance card. This information is kept strictly confidential and is shared with the insurance provider only with appropriate consent.  


  • Patient Name:
  • Patient Date of Birth:
  • Patient Phone Number:
  • Insurance Company Name: 
  • Name of Subscriber/Member (if different from Patient):
  • ​Relationship of Subscriber/Member to Patient (Self, Spouse, Child, Other)?
  • Insurance Subscriber/Member ID#:
  • Insurance Group #:
  • ​Insurance Co. Phone #:
  • Insurance Co. Phone # for Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and/or Substance Abuse (if different from above):
  • Your callback number:
  • Any other relevant information:

Once you have collected this information, you may please provide it to us in a variety of ways:

Phone:  (563) 355-4707; (800) 438-7535

Fax:  (563) 355-7647                                  


In addition, you may consider copying/scanning and faxing or emailing to us a copy of the actual health insurance card.  You can even just take a picture (yes, even with your cell phone!) of your insurance card (front and back) -- and send it to us in an email!  Please just make sure all of the words and numbers are legible before emailing it to us.

The more information we have, the better able we are to help assist you with your treatment options.​​​​​

Not only is The Abbey among the best drug and alcohol rehab centers, we are also among the most affordable.

Of the more than 30 million Americans who suffer from addiction and substance abuse, only about 11% are able to get the treatment they need.  Accordingly, one of our primary goals at The Abbey is to help improve access to treatment for all people who are suffering.

This effort has included working with federal and state lawmakers to help improve access to these healthcare services.

In addition, in 2013, we actually reduced our program fees, in order to help make our treatment more affordable.

In recent years, there have been major improvements to health insurance coverage for behavioral health treatment for people suffering from addiction and other mental health concerns.

Today, nearly all of our clients use their health insurance benefits to cover most or all of the cost of their treatment at The Abbey.  We are in-network and/or work daily with some of the largest health insurance companies in the country.


Even if we are not in-network with your insurance company, we can typically work with them to allow you to use your benefits to make your healthcare at The Abbey as affordable as possible -- for both you and your insurance provider.

Insurance companies typically appreciate the opportunity to work with The Abbey for several important reasons.  First, our effective treatment helps improve the health of their members.  Second, we provide those healthcare services on very affordable terms.  Third, by improving the health of our clients, we help them avoid other (often far more expensive) medical interventions.  If left untreated, patients who suffer from addiction typically develop other diseases such as pancreatitis and liver failure; and, they may risk their public safety if they cause auto or workplace accidents while they are intoxicated.  In short, we help drive down overall healthcare costs which benefits insurance companies and their members alike.

Every day, we work hard at The Abbey to communicate with health insurance companies about meeting the needs of their members – both before their treatment begins and while they engage in our treatment Program.

As a result of this improvement in healthcare coverage, most of our clients have modest and affordable costs associated with their treatment and, where applicable, sober living.

Clients who are not covered by health insurance are offered affordable rates for our healthcare services.

Some clients may qualify for partial scholarships to cover some of the costs of their care, thanks to the charity of donors to the Abbey Foundation, an affiliated non-profit.

Finally, financing for treatment is available through third-party entities, such as

In short, The Abbey offers one of the most comprehensive addiction treatment programs in America, and it is also among the most affordable.